Nothing but the Blood

cover, Nothing but the BloodThis collection is made up of poems that explore the evolution of belief, living in the body, daughter-mother and mother-daughter interactions, the celebration and failure of a longterm relationship, and the loss of friends and colleagues. Coming as they do at mid-life, the poems understand, appreciate, and often push back against the weight of both history and expectation.

Apol, L. (2018). Nothing but the blood. East Lansing, MI:  Michigan University Press



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“As a whole, Nothing but the Blood might be called a ‘coming of (middle) age’ book—or perhaps a sort of recovery narrative. Will the second half of this woman’s life be different from the first? Will she be saved from ‘the splintered past’ and the ‘rage’ of the present? We want to think she will, and the beautiful poems at the book’s close are reassuring.”
—JOYCE SUTPHEN, Minnesota State Poet Laureate


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